Once upon a time…

There was an awkward young woman (that’s me!) who married her best friend — the most stylish panda in all the land. They played board games. They went to parties. They read books in bed.

This is our story…I’ve always wanted to share it with the world and after a few failed blog attempts, I’m determined to make this one stick. I’m a perfectionist in that sick and twisted way in which I don’t ever think anything is good enough. Well, everything except a clean apartment. Pfff… who has time to dust?

This time around I’m simply going to write about our lives and what we love. I’m going to share the fun adventures we have, the things I attempt to DIY, and the clothing we wear. We’re just a lesbian couple enjoying married life and this is our happily ever after.

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  • I'm the princess and she's a panda. We live for any reason to get dressed up. I sip wine, she wears bow ties. But don't let that fool you ... we're total geeks.

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