Lessons Learned from Our Wedding Day that Apply to a Marriage

  1. Go with the flow. Things will not go as planned. It’s much easier to accept this and be ready for it.
  2. Never leave each other’s side, unless one of you needs a drink.
  3. Talk about your expectations beforehand, but prepare to be surprised anyway.
  4. Keep smiling – people have cameras.
  5. There is no such thing as disappointment, as long as you enjoy yourself.
  6. Soak up every moment, it will go by much too quickly.
  7. Take time to eat dessert, or wear it.
  8. Share secrets. Make each other blush.
  9. Cry if you want to.
  10. Never forget that it all comes down to the two of you.
  11. Make sure you remind each other how amazing you both look.
  12. Ignore messes, stains or mix-ups. They aren’t worth the stress.
  13. Be gracious hosts.
  14. Tell each other how you really feel. Make promises. Dream big.
  15. Get excited for the next step, but live in the present.
  16. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want.
  17. Kiss. Often.
  18. Realize that your family and friends are there for you.
  19. Step away from all the chaos and breathe together.
  20. When there isn’t anything left to do…. DANCE!

Photo by Blair Allen Photography

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  1. I like your wedding advice!

    My fiancee and I are also board game players and in-bed-book-readers. We are starting to plan our lesbian “wedding” for next summer in our home state of MI, and will then, most likely, do the legal thing in NYC. Even though I have been married before (long story…isn’t it always?), I still want the big to-do with her. She keeps talking about eloping. Obviously we will talk about it, but it all seems so stressful. How did you keep from being too stressed out about all the planning?

    Your blog is light-hearted and easy to read. Keep it coming 🙂

    • Thanks for the input! I’ll be talking about our wedding details very soon and I’ll be sure to discuss the stresses of planning. So glad you found me!


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