A guide to being a princess everyday

It’s National Princess Week and you know what the means: I’m breaking out my tiara! As a matter of fact, I own several and no amount of growing up will ever make me stop finding reasons to wear them. I’m proud to call myself a princess and although some people may consider this conceited or bratty, to them I say “Off with your head!” I see nothing wrong with a sense of confidence and playfulness. There really is something to be learned from Disney heroines. They never let anything get them down and still kept their hair looking fabulous.  

Me as Snow White for Halloween

 Seriously, anyone can be a princess – gay, straight, tomboy, muscular, tattooed – the princess lifestyle simply means that you think highly of yourself and project that everyday, keeping in mind that life really can resemble a fairy tale. Here’s my 12 point guide to being a princess:

  1. Make your home your castle You spend so much time there, why not focus on making it a perfect haven? Burn those fancy candles and hang up oversized paintings. Always be ready for company to stop by.
  2. When in doubt, overdress It never hurts to look your best – and it’s a compliment to the host.
  3. Keep yourself educated by reading, keeping up on the news and just being a nerd on a regular basis.
  4. Never let them see you sweat When things get too stressful, remain poised. You can always ask for help if you need it – but in order to run a country you still have to look like you know what you’re doing!
  5. Sing unnecessarily Preferably in public. Normal everyday conversation is just better received when set to a tune.
  6. Fall head over heels in love with your job, your pet, your best friend, or your partner. Embrace that overwhelming feeling of passion and let it carry you away.
  7. Walk like royalty with your shoulders back and your chin up.
  8. Smile and make eye contact with strangers It makes you feel more confident and projects that to the rest of the world. Watch as people respond to your smile.
  9. Talk to animals they have a lot of wisdom.
  10. Attend events It can be so fun to see and be seen. There are countless parties going on all the time… pick one! And always keep in mind that you were invited because your presence is wanted.
  11.  Appreciate the arts Have music playing, go to galleries and pretend to shop, make something with your hands.
  12. Celebrate everything especially birthdays – even your own.

I’m want to keep trying to live by these every day… do you have your own rules for being royalty?

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