Ready to POP Baby Shower details

Last weekend, I had the privilege of helping to plan a baby shower for our amazing friends, Debra & James. I am not joking when I say these two are going to be fantastic parents. So naturally I wanted to give them a shower that matched. Here I’ll go over how I created some of the elements that I contributed:


READY TO POP Funfetti Popcorn Favors

For the popcorn:
(Makes about 25 bags)

– 9 packs of kettle corn
– 1 bag of pretzel squares
– rainbow sprinkles
– 3 packs of Wilton vanilla melt candy
– M&M’s (sometimes you can get lucky and find pastel – but I got pink from the craft store)

For the bags:
– clear plastic bags (I got these free from a friend’s work function)
– curling ribbon
– stickers created by me and ordered through Vistaprint (contact me if you are interested in this design!)


1. Pop all the bags of popcorn and start filling up large bowls, breaking up pretzel pieces into them as you go.

2. Melt the Wilton candies one bag at a time and drizzle it onto the popcorn. I used about 1 Wilton bag per bowl and my giant bowls fit around 2-3 bags of popcorn. It was useful to have my sister helping so that we could pop, melt and pour as we went along.

3. Immediately add sprinkles while the candy cools and then add the M&Ms. Stir.

4. Wait for everything to cool and harden completely before bagging.

WARNING: This popcorn is highly addictive. It WILL make you very popular.

Hand-painted Ceramic Piggy Bank Guestbook

I ordered white ceramic piggy bank from and then just painted pink polkadots with craft acrylics to match the baby’s room. A quick trip in the oven helps the paints set. Guests were encouraged to slip little pieces of advice inside to be read on her first birthday.

A friendly reminder if you don’t want to burn your house down: REMOVE the rubber stopper in the bottom of the pig before putting it in the oven. Otherwise, your apartment will fill with smoke causing your smoke alarm to go crazy while you are at your neighbor’s and your dogs are flipping out. Or was that just me…


SUSHI Plate Baby Gift

I found this adorable sushi baby gift presentation idea from Dollar Store Crafts.  They break down the steps to show you how to roll each item. All of the elements came from Target – a pack of white onesies, a fish bath toy with wash clothes and some colorful socks… even the plate! The “seaweed” is made out of black plastic table cloth! I finished it off with a gift certificate to a local sushi restaurant so the new parents have somewhere fun to go out after the baby. Personally, I know raw fish is something I would greatly miss during pregnancy. I thought the certificate was a way to stick with the gift theme but also treat our friends to something nice just for them.

How could you resist spoiling this adorable new mommy???

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