True words from my panda

My wife is so insightful. This is one of the many reasons I married her. Read her status update from yesterday regarding not only the recent issues about gay rights and Chick Fil A, but also just tolerance in general:

“It’s time for us to turn to each other, not on each other.”
With many others, I believe in equality for all people. I believe my love is the same as any other true love. Sadly, during this time of enlightenment and opportunity to become a closer community, it seems that many are allowing their strong beliefs to get in the way of common decency. In times of discrimination and criticism, rise up and stand for peace and respect. Why allow another’s lack of acceptance change the way you treat each other? I understand opinions and beliefs make us who we are, but don’t let them make you ignorant and uncivil. I have many opinions about this situation and I make sure to share them respectfully in a way to educate and not to condemn. For over a year now, I have not eaten at that restaurant. Not only because of the anti-gay groups they donate to, but because some of those groups are affiliated with lobbying in favor of Uganda’s Anti-Homosexual Bill. This bill allows the imprisonment and murder of people accused of being a homosexual and those that know them. In the end, this is not a “christian versus gay” fight. This is not a fight at all. This is a chance. A chance to make your story known and become closer with supporters and, more importantly, those who need our support. The real fight is for those out there being persecuted and physically harmed for being themselves. How will your outward aggression and negativity make a positive change in the world? Easy, it won’t. Allow love to become your belief and it will become your life.

– Rose 😀

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