DIY Lemon Salt Scrub in an upcycled Nutella jar

I’m finally getting on a homemade gift kick and one of my latest creations was a lemon skin scrub that can be left next to the kitchen sink or kept in the shower to keep skin feeling soft and moisturized. I was inspired by a few recipes that I found online to make my own version. Trust me, it is ridiculously easy and smells so fresh!

I wanted to get a little eco-friendly with this, so I upcycled an old Nutella Jar to keep the scrub in. First, I ate all the Nutella. This is a very critical step so DO NOT SKIP IT!

Then, I  filled the jar with soapy water and rinsed it out every half hour or so until it was completely clean.

The trickiest part was removing the label that is glued to the plastic. I soaked the entire jar in a mixture of water and mieral oil for at least an hour until it finally came off clean.

Eventually I was left with a cute little jar ready to be filled with citrus scrubbing goodness! I took a little white spray paint to the lid to give it a clean look and wash out the black label that is stamped on the side.

Next came the fun part of creating the lemon scrub…


You will need:

  • 1 cup sea salt
  • 1/4 cup olive oil
  • 1/2 teaspoon lemon juice
  • lemon & orange zest (optional)

1. Mix the olive oil and sea salt thoroughly

2. Add tsp of lemon juice or more depending on the consistency and scent you want to achieve

3. Top with zest from lemon and/or orange peel and then stir that in

That’s it! Now your skin can be summer ready and smelling fresh. I had my wife take a sniff when I finished and her first reaction was “Can I eat that?”


DIY Instagram 3-D wall prints

I decided to decorate one of our walls with some of my own Instagram photos with a 3-D wall mount – and it was almost as simple as using Instagram and pretending to be a photographer (find me @StickPrincess). Here are the images I decided to print at Ritz camera:

The 4X4 glossy prints are really affordable and actually turn out looking pretty good, as long as you don’t mind them being a teensy grainy. So after I picked up my prints and admired my artistic eye, the next step was to create a wall mount for each one to give them that gallery feel – I’m just fancy like that.

What you’ll need:

– Foam blocks from any craft store that are at least 2″ thick (usually in the floral department)
– Modge Podge & brush
– Scissors
– Poster board
– Some sort of sharp objects to cut up the foam

First use Modge Podge to adhere each individual photo to the poster board and then cut out the edges for a perfect fit. This gives it a little extra backing so it doesn’t bend or curl.

While those dry, chop up your foam blocks into smaller cubes. I used a knife that we had from a pumpkin carving kit. It was a little messy, but these won’t actually show, so it’s ok if they aren’t perfect, as long as they are basically rectangular in nature.

Finally, dab a little more Modge Podge or any craft glue onto a foam block and stick one to the center of the each photo. This will give it that gallery look that makes it raised away from the wall just slightly.

To hang them to the wall, I used Command wall mount stickers, but I would actually buy a different kind next time. The ones I chose have that little tab on the side that you are supposed to pull when you want to remove them cleanly. Well, I was tugging a little on the photo that was already hung and it tore off part of the paint on our wall, I guess they really stick until you pull that tab!!! I think Command sells other hanging options that might work better for something like this. Or if you use them, make sure to leave the tab hanging over the side so you can access it once it’s on the wall and don’t pull anywhere else on it even a little. Luckily you can’t tell now that they are mounted – and I get to see my Instagram masterpieces every day!