Friday the 13th Alley Cat


Happy Friday the 13th! This day always reminds me of sassy alley cats. Which I just so happen to have channeled when I saw Sharon Needles perform in Baltimore. She is the queen that won last season of Rupaul’s Drag Race. I adore her because she is fierce, dark, and nice as pie. Her gothic looks inspired my Halloweeny outfit for that evening…



Complete with leopard print heels, of course! Found these a few years back on the clearance rack at Sears!

The cat mask is from Party City. Which, if you are a fan of Drag Race, you know that Sharon Needles has been adopted as the unofficial Queen of the Party City Underworld.


“If anyone ever boos you offstage, that’s just applause from ghosts”
~ Sharon Needles


Target’s new PRIDE t-shirt line

Target just launched a line of Pride t-shirts which makes me rather excited because it combines my addiction to my favorite bargain store with me being… uh… gay. And they are all only $12.99.

I actually like some of the men’s shirt designs better. Why is it that gay men seem to be the only ones allowed to be prideful and fabulous? Luckily my wife has an affinity for men’s t shirts.

Do you think she could pull this one off WHILE wearing actual sunglasses?

But hey look! Gwen Stefani got in on the action with her Harajuku line. I love that girl.

And don’t forget the best part: “Target will Donate 100% of PRIDE Merchandise Sales to Family Equality Council.” I think I’ll be getting at least one for Baltimore Pride this year!

Hello Neon!

I’m pretty excited to see neon making a comeback, because this girl certainly loves a little taste of the 80’s.

I found this slouchy pink sweater at Goodwill for around $10 and bought it to wear to a Legwarmers concert. Then I fell in love, paired it with some skinny jeans and an outfit was born! It goes perfectly with my newest TOMs, too.

Fancy Lesbian Easter Attire Through the Years…

Well I thought I’d kick off my fashion posts with a highlight on Easter attire for us as a lesbian couple. I refuse to put lesbian fashion into the boxes of “male” and “female,” but I’m sure you will see that we are each comfortable in different expressions of gender identity. One thing we do share is our love of color, and what better time than Spring to break out the brights! 

purple printed dress from JCPenney (small dog accessory optional)

yellow sundress from Marshall’s

floral dress from H&M

Basically, when it comes to chilly Spring fashion – our motto is:

A sweater vest and sundress can go a LONG way!