I’m not going to use many words today. I’m just sitting here at my desk daydreaming about going outside, recalling the fun adventures I have had. The times I can remember vividly are when I simply existed… when I would just “be.” I’ve been trying a way of simply “being” more often. It’s truly  transcendental.

When I get to experience something new or fresh or interesting, I take a moment and just absorb every sight, sound and feeling, even if only for a second. I’m a very fast pace multi-tasker (a true Virgo), so allowing myself that chance to “be” is very rewarding. It releases so much stress and enhances memories… like a tiny little vacation within myself. For someone like me, who is constantly planning, wondering and worrying, it’s an exceptional gift.

This is simply a reminder to do this more often…



Ready to POP Baby Shower details

Last weekend, I had the privilege of helping to plan a baby shower for our amazing friends, Debra & James. I am not joking when I say these two are going to be fantastic parents. So naturally I wanted to give them a shower that matched. Here I’ll go over how I created some of the elements that I contributed:


READY TO POP Funfetti Popcorn Favors

For the popcorn:
(Makes about 25 bags)

– 9 packs of kettle corn
– 1 bag of pretzel squares
– rainbow sprinkles
– 3 packs of Wilton vanilla melt candy
– M&M’s (sometimes you can get lucky and find pastel – but I got pink from the craft store)

For the bags:
– clear plastic bags (I got these free from a friend’s work function)
– curling ribbon
– stickers created by me and ordered through Vistaprint (contact me if you are interested in this design!)


1. Pop all the bags of popcorn and start filling up large bowls, breaking up pretzel pieces into them as you go.

2. Melt the Wilton candies one bag at a time and drizzle it onto the popcorn. I used about 1 Wilton bag per bowl and my giant bowls fit around 2-3 bags of popcorn. It was useful to have my sister helping so that we could pop, melt and pour as we went along.

3. Immediately add sprinkles while the candy cools and then add the M&Ms. Stir.

4. Wait for everything to cool and harden completely before bagging.

WARNING: This popcorn is highly addictive. It WILL make you very popular.

Hand-painted Ceramic Piggy Bank Guestbook

I ordered white ceramic piggy bank from and then just painted pink polkadots with craft acrylics to match the baby’s room. A quick trip in the oven helps the paints set. Guests were encouraged to slip little pieces of advice inside to be read on her first birthday.

A friendly reminder if you don’t want to burn your house down: REMOVE the rubber stopper in the bottom of the pig before putting it in the oven. Otherwise, your apartment will fill with smoke causing your smoke alarm to go crazy while you are at your neighbor’s and your dogs are flipping out. Or was that just me…


SUSHI Plate Baby Gift

I found this adorable sushi baby gift presentation idea from Dollar Store Crafts.  They break down the steps to show you how to roll each item. All of the elements came from Target – a pack of white onesies, a fish bath toy with wash clothes and some colorful socks… even the plate! The “seaweed” is made out of black plastic table cloth! I finished it off with a gift certificate to a local sushi restaurant so the new parents have somewhere fun to go out after the baby. Personally, I know raw fish is something I would greatly miss during pregnancy. I thought the certificate was a way to stick with the gift theme but also treat our friends to something nice just for them.

How could you resist spoiling this adorable new mommy???

A guide to being a princess everyday

It’s National Princess Week and you know what the means: I’m breaking out my tiara! As a matter of fact, I own several and no amount of growing up will ever make me stop finding reasons to wear them. I’m proud to call myself a princess and although some people may consider this conceited or bratty, to them I say “Off with your head!” I see nothing wrong with a sense of confidence and playfulness. There really is something to be learned from Disney heroines. They never let anything get them down and still kept their hair looking fabulous.  

Me as Snow White for Halloween

 Seriously, anyone can be a princess – gay, straight, tomboy, muscular, tattooed – the princess lifestyle simply means that you think highly of yourself and project that everyday, keeping in mind that life really can resemble a fairy tale. Here’s my 12 point guide to being a princess:

  1. Make your home your castle You spend so much time there, why not focus on making it a perfect haven? Burn those fancy candles and hang up oversized paintings. Always be ready for company to stop by.
  2. When in doubt, overdress It never hurts to look your best – and it’s a compliment to the host.
  3. Keep yourself educated by reading, keeping up on the news and just being a nerd on a regular basis.
  4. Never let them see you sweat When things get too stressful, remain poised. You can always ask for help if you need it – but in order to run a country you still have to look like you know what you’re doing!
  5. Sing unnecessarily Preferably in public. Normal everyday conversation is just better received when set to a tune.
  6. Fall head over heels in love with your job, your pet, your best friend, or your partner. Embrace that overwhelming feeling of passion and let it carry you away.
  7. Walk like royalty with your shoulders back and your chin up.
  8. Smile and make eye contact with strangers It makes you feel more confident and projects that to the rest of the world. Watch as people respond to your smile.
  9. Talk to animals they have a lot of wisdom.
  10. Attend events It can be so fun to see and be seen. There are countless parties going on all the time… pick one! And always keep in mind that you were invited because your presence is wanted.
  11.  Appreciate the arts Have music playing, go to galleries and pretend to shop, make something with your hands.
  12. Celebrate everything especially birthdays – even your own.

I’m want to keep trying to live by these every day… do you have your own rules for being royalty?

The Grilled Cheese Sandwich Master

Happy National Grilled Cheese Day, friends!

Grilled cheese is probably one of our all-time favorite food items. It also helps that I am pretty much the master of the grilled cheese sandwich. I have perfected the ideal toast to melted cheese combo. I have tossed in everything from pickles to tomatoes. My favorite ingredient so far has probably been avocado. Check out this recipe from A Turtle’s Life For Me using mozzarella cheese, fresh avocado and a thin layer of pepperoni. Just add a glass of red wine and a bowl of tomato soup and you are in comfort food heaven.

And speaking of tomato soup, isn’t this bowl & plate tray genius?


from Uncommon Goods for $30.00

Our Easter Outfits

Breaking out the Spring attire.

Panda’s Easter look: short sleeve button up from JCPenney men’s department, layered under a v-neck grey tee and a blue polkadot bow tie from ebay!

My teal printed Easter dress is from Target… I love the pockets!


Once upon a time…

There was an awkward young woman (that’s me!) who married her best friend — the most stylish panda in all the land. They played board games. They went to parties. They read books in bed.

This is our story…I’ve always wanted to share it with the world and after a few failed blog attempts, I’m determined to make this one stick. I’m a perfectionist in that sick and twisted way in which I don’t ever think anything is good enough. Well, everything except a clean apartment. Pfff… who has time to dust?

This time around I’m simply going to write about our lives and what we love. I’m going to share the fun adventures we have, the things I attempt to DIY, and the clothing we wear. We’re just a lesbian couple enjoying married life and this is our happily ever after.